Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Is A City Street Reality

Google has made a lot of progress on its self-driving car project in the past few years, and just this week it began ferrying journalists around Mountain View in the autonomous vehicles. The company shared with us a heap of information about the project, its history and how it came to be in light of … Continue reading

Viral Mother’s Day Video: Seeds through Google Glass

Google Glass uploads an emotional video on YouTube which immediately goes viral the moment it was published after it earned over 56,000 views within the day. The film entitled Seeds which was captured entirely on Google Glass features a man’s long journey to his home in India to surprise his mother. . It was produced … Continue reading

Self-driving and self-parking cars in Sweden – video

A new pilot project is being launched which will introduce us to self-driving and self-parking cars. The project called ‘Drive Me’, is being trailed in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, with 100 self-driving Volvos due to take to the roads. The scheme is aimed at reducing accidents and cutting down fuel consumption.

World’s Smallest 3D-Printing Pen

Humans are accustomed to drawing in the air. We gesture with our hands when talking and will try to illustrate charade secrets by “drawing” objects in space. 3D-printing pens takes those gestures, makes them tangible and, in the hands of an artists, beautiful. Recent 3D-printing pens have been cool, but clunky affairs. LIX Pen, however, … Continue reading

Heartwarming Video: Google Doodle Celebrates Women’s Day


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