Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora web radio


Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora web radio.

In case you’re anticipating catching an Apple Watch when it makes a big appearance on April 24 (solely online), you’ll be prepared to stream Pandora radio straight out of the crate.

The online radio juggernaut is the first streaming radio administration to report similarity with the eagerly awaited savvy. In a blog entry from Pandora, the organization noticed that the administration was likewise accessible for the first iPhone’s dispatch in 2007 and the iPad’s dispatch in 2010.

Support for Pandora on the Watch will — like most Watch applications — oblige control through the client’s iPhone. At the point when tunes are playing through Pandora, the Watch will show the “Now Playing” screen. Audience members can likewise play, respite, up vote or down vote a tune, skirt a melody, get to new music warnings and control the volume through the Pandora application on the Watch.

It’s surely an appreciated expansion for Apple’s most grand wearable dispatch and for Pandora’s 81.5 million month to month audience members. Cross-stage backing is particularly vital for online music administrations as the gushing music wars proceed. Pandora does still stand out, and its current similarity with TVs, amusement comforts and associated speakers positively doesn’t hurt.

As Billboard notes, Pandora isn’t the main music application that will be accessible for the Apple Watch’s dispatch — similarity with music distinguishing proof application Shazam, guitar tuner AMPLiFi Remote and the iTunes playlisting application Pacemaker DJ is likewise expected.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is clearly betting on the achievement of the Apple Watch when it makes a big appearance in a little more than two weeks, and solid music listening stages are unquestionably a represent the moment of truth highlight. We’re certain Cook would likewise love to have the to-be-dispatched new Apple-Beats gushing administration — which is situated to presentation in June — on it, however this Pandora application is a decent red ribbon.

Preorders for the Apple Watch start today evening time at 12:01 a.m. on the Apple Website

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Look out for pepper-spraying drones in India

quadcopter drone

Protesting in India? Pay special mind to pepper-showering drones.

Rowdy forces in the Indian city of Lucknow would be advised to watch out – pepper-splashing drones are headed.

Lucknow police chied Yashasvi Yadav said for this present week that a group of cops has recently completed flight tests of five as of late obtained multi-rotor copters, all of which have been changed to convey the provocative spread.

Addressing news office AFP in a way that recommended Yadav was truly fairly content with his recently gained gear, the police cheid said, “The outcomes were splendid. We have figured out how to work out how to utilize it to unequivocally focus on the crowd in winds and congested regions.”

Yadav portrayed the shower as “extremely viable in mob control,” including that it can be controlled from distinctive statures “to have greatest results.” From what we think about pepper spread, those “most extreme results” will incorporate smeared or impermanent loss of sight, a copying sensation on uncovered zones, and breathing challenges.

The new machines, which convey high-res cams and up to 4.4 pounds (2kg) of splash, every expense around 600,000 rupees ($9,600) and will be prepared for utilization by the begin of May. They can be worked remotely to a separation of around 0.6 miles (1km), Yadav said.

The city, whose populace of a little more than two million makes it India’s eighth biggest, has had what’s coming to it of dissents as of late, some of which have been separated utilizing water cannons. Apparently the pepper spread is a less expensive option for the powers.

We’ve been getting a charge out of some stunning feature footage from quadcopters throughout the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity, and wondering about a percentage of the fantastic things they can do, yet is this where things turn appalling for the multi-rotor machines?

Pepper splash is a typical piece of a cop’s ordnance, and is normally managed by hand from a little can or bottle. Showering it from an automaton takes the utilization of the operators to an entire new level, in every feeling of the significance. The inquiry is, currently the thought’s out there, will police divisions in different nations soon be setting requests for pepper-showering drones they could call their own?

[Via Yahoo]

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First Official Apple Watch Game – RULES

‘Rules!’ Is the First Official Apple Watch Game

The Apple Watch can check your flight information, open your carport, screen your heart rate, and pay for your latte. At the same time would it be able to keep you entertained?

Amusements are the backbone of the Application Store — a year ago’s top-netting applications rundown was overwhelmed by allowed to-play diversions — yet regardless of Apple Watch appearances at two major occasions, we’ve yet to hear much at all about how gaming may consider along with the smooth gadget.

As per the sharp-peered toward nerds over at TouchArcade, then again, no less than one prevalent amusement is preparing for showtime. It’s the psyche twisting memory diversion Standards!, which got a redesign Monday morning that incorporates Apple Watch support.

In fact, Rules! will now offer a “mind workout minigame with every day objectives for Apple Watch, with leaderboards and insights on your iPhone.” It’s really a better than average fit for the watch. You needn’t bother with a huge screen to play Tenets!, and it isn’t generally intended to be played in long sessions, so you won’t have to stress over wearing out your valuable battery life.

Rules! is a somewhat of a concoction in the middle of Memory and Simon Says. Players need to break picture obstructs in a particular request, yet the multifaceted nature of the principles builds each round. At in the first place, you may be advised to break obstructs in rising numerical request, however in the following round, you’ll have to first break all creature pieces. After some time, you’ll be juggling twelve or thereabouts guidelines overseeing the request in which you have to break pieces. It’s a cortex strainer, that is without a doubt, and an inside and out strong diversion.

Will it be as captivating when its perched on your wrist? We’ll figure out when the Apple Watch touches base in April.

Locate your phone on Android Wear

google, android, android device manager, android wear, find my phone

Google is always looking at ways to expand upon the functionality in Android Wear, which explains why the company has recently launched a new feature that will help you locate your phone in the event that it goes missing.

The functionality is provided through the Android Device Manager, which helps users secure and also locate their smartphones. Previously, users would have to use a computer or another smartphone to access the find my phone feature, but an update to Android Wear is making the whole process much easier.

By saying “Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone” to your Android Wear device, or by tapping on the Find My Phone option in the launcher, your phone will begin ringing at full volume. As it will begin ringing even if your phone is set to silent mode, you’ll be able to locate it if you’re reasonably close by.

Google says that the feature will be rolling out to all Android Wear devices over the next few weeks, and it won’t require you to download an app or enable anything in the settings menu.

Unfortunately Google hasn’t been able to harness Bluetooth signal strength to pinpoint the location of your phone without ringing it. Having a virtual radar on your wrist would be cool, but for now we’ll have to make do with Google’s audio-based find my phone solution.


Better Alternatives To Your Phone’s Lousy Default Apps

SwiftKey (free, iOS and Android)

14 Better Alternatives To Your Phone's Lousy Default Apps

Type without lifting a finger. It’s perfect for times when you’re clinging onto the bus for dear life in one hand and texting with the other.

The app also learns how you type and makes creepily accurate autocorrect suggestions based off of that information. An optional feature called SwiftKey Cloud analyzes your writing style from social media accounts like Facebook and Evernote.

Sleep Cycle ($1, iOS and Android)

The app uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect movement while you sleep. Sleep Cycle can then determine when you’re in a deep or light sleep state. It’ll ring in the “lightest” part of your sleep phase, so you feel awake and refreshed in the morning.

Not a morning person? Need something more intense? Try Spin Me ($2, iOS and Android), an app that will continue to ring until you get up and spin your phone around twice.

Captio ($2)

 Type something up and with one tap, the app lets you send an email to yourself. It’s quick, efficient, and especially useful if you spend all of your time on email anyway.

Wunderlist (free, iOS and Android)

This app is a must if you cohabitate. Wunderlist is available as a mobile app, desktop app, and extension. Lists are synced across all of your devices, and if you share a list with say, a significant other, your collaborative list updates in real time too.

If you want something simpler, try the very beautiful and gesture-friendly Clear ($5, iOS).

Sunrise (free, iOS and Android)

Sunrise (free, iOS and Android)

Sync your Google Calendar, iCloud, or Exchange info with the most beautiful calendar experience around. The desktop version of Sunrise is just as nifty. Being able to set multiple reminders for one event is great for forgetful folk. I personally like the built-in weather forecasts.

PhotoMath (free, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)

14 Better Alternatives To Your Phone's Lousy Default Apps

It reads and solves mathematical equations using your phone’s camera. THIS IS THE FUTURE.

Camera Plus With Airsnap ($2, iOS)

Camera Plus With Airsnap ($2, iOS)

Between filters, different focus modes, and a private folder that locks photos away from public view, this app has all kinds of bells and whistles.

But the killer feature is Airsnap, which enables another iOS device (like your iPad) to trigger the camera shutter on your iPhone (or vice versa). Very selfie friendly.

If you’re more of a video person, Hyperlapse (free, iOS) by Instagram is your best bet. Shoot clear, stable, cinematic mini movies that can be turned into timelapses of varying speeds.

Waze (free, iOS and Android)


Google Maps

Bike Maps by Maplet

For driving, opt for Google-owned Waze, which uses data from other drivers to make sure you avoid heavy traffic areas. User-reported police alerts help drivers slow down in speed trap areas.

Google Maps, duh! (free, iOS and Android) — The best biking and public transit directions around.

Bike Maps by Maplets ($1, iOS) — If you’re a cycling urban warrior, this app has high-resolution elevation maps for most metropolitan areas. Color-coded streets help bikers avoid those steep hills! Maps can also be downloaded and navigated offline.

Overcast (free but $4 for premium, iOS)

Fuel your Serial addiction with this clutter-free podcast manager. The free version gives listeners everything they need — playlists, podcast search, seek controls — but the premium version unlocks a treasure trove of interesting features like a sleep timer and Smart Speed, which dynamically shortens silences in talk shows.

VSCO Cam (free, iOS and Android)

Even professional photographers love this app because photos come out looking art gallery-ready every time. Carefully crafted filters that can be adjusted with precision and VSCO’s robust editing tools will score you those double taps.

DarkSky ($4, iOS)

DarkSky ($4, iOS)

Because weather patterns change so frequently, daily forecasts aren’t enough. This app offers minute-by-minute information. It knows how long you have until it starts pouring or snowing next.

Word Lens (free, iOS and Android)

Word Lens (free, iOS and Android)

It translates Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish signs IN REAL TIME using your phone’s camera. Pure wizardry.

UPDATE: Google acquired the company that made Word Lens, and its technology is now a part of Google Translate.

Cord (free, iOS and Android coming soon)

OK, JK. Nothing can replace your phone app. But Cord’s Snapchat-style press-and-record app just for audio might be the best new thing. Faster than a phone call or a text for sure.

Humin (free, iOS and Android)

Humin is a more intelligent address book. Search contacts by when you met them, by where they work, who they’re friends with, or where you met them. It also merges duplicates and can ask contacts to update their info on your behalf.

‘Hey Siri’ in iOS 8.3 allows for automatic speakerphone calls

Apple has made a small, but helpful, change in the way that iOS 8.3 can make phone calls via Siri. With the launch of iOS 8.0 last fall, Apple added a feature to Siri that allows users to activate the service hands-free by saying the phrase “Hey Siri” if the phone is plugged into power. However, if a user asked Siri to make a phone call via the “Hey Siri” hands-free command, the call would strangely not automatically transfer to speakerphone. Based on our tests, this will change in iOS 8.3. As can be seen in the screenshots above, if a user asks Siri to make a phone call through speakerphone, the call will actually be made on speaker phone…

In addition to this enhancement, iOS 8.3 will bring support for several new Siri languages, a new set of more diverse Emojis, improved login for Google accounts, and support for wireless CarPlay. Apple is also working on an iOS 8.4 update that include the company’s upcoming new streaming music service and iOS 9, which will include a focus on bug fixes and performance improvements. Apple has not announced when iOS 8.3 will ship, but it has recently gone into Public Beta.


Report: In June, Apple will Debut New Apple TV with App Store and Siri

Report: Apple Debuting New Apple TV with App Store and Siri in June

(Illustration by Yahoo Tech)

All of the pieces are falling into place for an overhauled Apple TV, and we may just see one come June. According to BuzzFeed News, Apple is planning to debut a revamped Apple TV at its World Wide Developers Conference. The new box will reportedly support third-party apps, voice control with Siri, and presumably the internet-TV service that The Wall Street Journal described earlier this week. BuzzFeed says that the new device will likely include more storage and a version of Apple’s latest mobile chip, the A8.

Apple’s more serious entrance into the living room has been long awaited. And, really, it’s about time. The Apple TV has been a nice but overly simple box for most of its lifespan. The addition of an App Store, which BuzzFeed says will be included, would make it dramatically more capable and interesting, allowing apps and games to take over an entire TV. If Apple’s long-rumored internet-TV service makes an appearance as well, the Apple TV would quickly become a major play for the living room. BuzzFeed reports that the Apple TV will include basic home automation features, too, however some are already built into the model that’s shipping today. Apple recently reduced the price of that model to $69.


Rival smartphones in exchange for iPhones in Apple’s upcoming trade-in program

google, apple, iphone, android, blackberry, smartphone, cell phone, handset, mobile phone, trade-in, phone, trade-in program

In an apparent effort to boost in-store iPhone sales, Apple CEO Tim Cook is spearheading a trade-in program that’ll reward shoppers with gift cards to put towards the purchase of a new smartphone.

Sources familiar with the matter tell 9to5Mac that the unannounced recycling and trade-in program will notably accept both Android and BlackBerry devices. Trade-in value will reportedly be determined on the spot by Apple retail store employees based on the device, its condition and functional status.

The program is expected to get under way in the coming weeks which will give Apple enough time to train its retail employees. Said training programs will begin later this week, we’re told. The only other detail we’re privy to is that Apple employees will be able to transfer address book contacts from other phones to a new iPhone. Everything else, however, will have to be moved manually by the customer.

apple android iphones google iphone smartphone cell phone handset mobile phone trade-in phone trade-in program

The upcoming program is not to be confused with Apple’s iPhone Reuse and Recycle program. That one kicked off in mid-2013 in an effort to encourage existing iPhone users to trade in their older model handsets for something newer which, at the time, consisted of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Although convenient for shoppers, such trade-in programs are rarely the best way to go if you’re after top dollar for a used phone. Amazon, for example, offers instant quotes online and even covers the cost of shipping. But above all else, you’re likely to get the greatest return by either selling locally to someone you know, using Craigslist (be careful) or trying eBay.


Google in your Dashboard


Android users can download Android Auto on Google Play starting today.  To celebrate the occasion, Pioneer has introduced a long-awaited new line of receivers called Network Entertainment eXperience (NEX) that are compatible with Google’s new software.

Previewed last January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the NEX receivers are designed to work with all smartphones that run Android’s 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or one of the newer software released since. After downloading a handful of Android Auto-specific applications, the driver is able to control nearly every function of his or her smartphone without touching the screen by using a microphone built into the receiver.

A 7.0-inch high-resolution touch screen displays relevant information on cards, a look inspired by the popular Google Now application. A purpose-designed version of Google Maps provides live traffic information, navigation and alternate route suggestions, while the driver can liven up his or her commute by switching to the AppRadio mode and launching a number of applications including Pandora and Google Play Music

Overall, Pioneer believes that its NEX receivers can make driving a lot safer by greatly reducing distractions.

Want Google in your dashboard? The Pioneer NEX starts at $700 for a more basic AVH-4100NEX model and tops out at $1,400 for the range-topping AVH-8100NEX unit. All models regardless of price come standard with a long list of features including advanced Bluetooth connectivity, FLAC audio playback and SiriusXM-Ready.

Pioneer is not the only company interested in integrating Android Auto into its products. General Motors, Volvo, Honda, Hyundai and Audi are among the 28 automakers that have voiced an interest in incorporating the technology in future models, so we suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more about Android Auto in the coming months.