Chrome 42 is out now, includes push notifications that can ping you even after you close the browser

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Chrome 42 has graduated to a stable release and is now available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to the usual list of security fixes (45 in total) and under-the-hood changes for stability and performance, Google’s latest release includes its new Push API and Notifications API.

Together, these two new APIs allow websites to send notifications to web surfers even after they’ve closed or navigated away from said site. Obviously, there’s a fine line between being useful and obtrusive when dealing with notifications. Fortunately, Google mandates that developers must acquire consent for permission to use the Push API.

Once permission has been granted, developers are free to use Google Cloud Messaging to use a service worker to display said notification.

chrome google chrome browser push notifications chrome 42

As an example of how the new APIs could be used, imagine you’ve bid on something on eBay. Afterwards, you navigate away or close the browser window completely. If you are outbid on the item, you could get a notification on your desktop letting you know right away.

A number of the security fixes in Chrome 42 were found by security researchers through Google’s bounty program. Their awards (when applicable) are listed alongside the security fixes on the Chrome Release Blog if you want to check them out.

In the event your browser doesn’t automatically download and install Chrome 42 via the automatic update mechanism, you can snag the Windows version by clicking here (Mac and Linux versions here and here, respectively).


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10 Upcoming Apps From Facebook That Are in No Way Ripoffs of Snapchat

10 Upcoming Apps From Facebook That Are in No Way Ripoffs of Snapchat
  1. Chatsnap, an ephemeral photo messaging app that is not a ripoff of Snapchat
  2. Chapsnat, an app for transitory photos and videos that is certainly not ripping off Snapchat
  3. Appsnatch, a social media network centered on self-destructing photographs that is in no way an inferior ripoff of Snapchat
  4. Snatchap, a visual messaging service that is definitely not a hasty attempt to capitalize on the runaway success of Snapchat
  5. Patchsnap, a communication app focusing on temporary imagery that definitely does not just replicate the core features of Snapchat
  6. Clapchat, an app that lets you upload photographs or video files that will eventually disappear in a way that is dissimilar from the way those identical functions occur on Snapchat
  7. Patsnatch, a one-on-one or group communication system in which the messages are erased after the recipient views them and whose almost precise replication of Snapchat’s features should not be construed as a ripoff of said app
  8. Snapchat. (This one was a mistake.)
  9. Papstatch, a “chat” app for “snaps” that is not just a clone of an ascendant Snapchat app that Facebook clearly views as a rival and potential existential threat, despite what you might think, and despite Facebook’s recent history of doing just this, three times in the past three years, so that it feels like Facebook is just going to keep on ripping off Snapchat until either it becomes successful doing so or Snapchat fades away and dies.
  10. Snackpatch. Let’s be honest, it’s basically just Snapchat.

Facebook’s new video app makes it clear that Facebook is still trying to clone Snapchat’s continued success.

Riff is the newest standalone app from Facebook’s Creative Labs division, the social media company’s experimental apps department that has a track record of cranking out flops ranging from Snapchat clone Slingshot to other apps that have failed to take off, such as Paper, Rooms, and Groups.

With Riff, Facebook has created a Snapchat and Vine hybrid that allows users to record videos up to 20 seconds in length. These 20-second videos are then shared and expanded upon collaboratively by your friends — with the hope of eventually creating a viral video that everyone took part in.

Facebook's new video app wants to clone the success of Snapchat and Vine(iTunes)

Each video starts with just one person who selects a unifying topic such as #BalancingAct or #AprilFools that can built upon. Facebook hopes your friends will then see the video snippet and choose to join in the fun and turn it into a string of clips that can evolve into something else entirely. According to The Verge, you’ll also be able to choose from trending topics — just like in Vine.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Facebook

To encourage people to contribute their own video to a friend’s Riff, Facebook has removed the ability to comment directly on Riff videos from within the app, though Riffs can be posted to Facebook where comments can take place.

Riff most closely resembles Snapchat’s Our Story feature, which allows users to upload 10-second videos revolving around a central topic such as “Snowmageddon,” the Oscars, or other social events like music festivals. There’s no guarantee that your submission will be included in Snapchat’s various Our Stories — Snapchat sifts through which videos to add — and Riff is hoping to differentiate itself by allowing spontaneous collaboration and anyone to start the ball rolling with their own Riff.

“I love those Snapchat public stories, but for me those are a little more editorial in terms of like ‘I’m not at that event, and it feels like I’m there now,'” said Josh Miller, Facebook Creative Labs’ product manager, in an interview with The Verge. “We don’t know what a Riff is going to be good for, and our hunch is that we’re going to learn from the best ones in the community.”

You can download Riff starting today for both iOS and Android.

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Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora web radio


Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora web radio.

In case you’re anticipating catching an Apple Watch when it makes a big appearance on April 24 (solely online), you’ll be prepared to stream Pandora radio straight out of the crate.

The online radio juggernaut is the first streaming radio administration to report similarity with the eagerly awaited savvy. In a blog entry from Pandora, the organization noticed that the administration was likewise accessible for the first iPhone’s dispatch in 2007 and the iPad’s dispatch in 2010.

Support for Pandora on the Watch will — like most Watch applications — oblige control through the client’s iPhone. At the point when tunes are playing through Pandora, the Watch will show the “Now Playing” screen. Audience members can likewise play, respite, up vote or down vote a tune, skirt a melody, get to new music warnings and control the volume through the Pandora application on the Watch.

It’s surely an appreciated expansion for Apple’s most grand wearable dispatch and for Pandora’s 81.5 million month to month audience members. Cross-stage backing is particularly vital for online music administrations as the gushing music wars proceed. Pandora does still stand out, and its current similarity with TVs, amusement comforts and associated speakers positively doesn’t hurt.

As Billboard notes, Pandora isn’t the main music application that will be accessible for the Apple Watch’s dispatch — similarity with music distinguishing proof application Shazam, guitar tuner AMPLiFi Remote and the iTunes playlisting application Pacemaker DJ is likewise expected.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is clearly betting on the achievement of the Apple Watch when it makes a big appearance in a little more than two weeks, and solid music listening stages are unquestionably a represent the moment of truth highlight. We’re certain Cook would likewise love to have the to-be-dispatched new Apple-Beats gushing administration — which is situated to presentation in June — on it, however this Pandora application is a decent red ribbon.

Preorders for the Apple Watch start today evening time at 12:01 a.m. on the Apple Website

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Cable-free HBO Now launches for Apple TV & iOS in the US, foreigners can bypass geo-restrictions

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HBO has officialy flipped the switch on its eagerly awaited standalone gushing administration crosswise over Apple TV and iOS gadgets. As reported prior, estimating is situated at $14.99 every month, and memberships must be bought specifically through your iTunes account. With no agreement or link memberships to battle with, you’re allowed to get or drop HBO Now however you see fit, HBO is tossing the first month complimentary to get you snared.

HBO Now is basically the same as HBO Go – you get the full vault of unique shows, wearing occasions, comic drama specials and inventory motion pictures. The primary contrast, obviously, is that you’re not needed to be subscribed to link.

The administration is formally accessible just in the US yet by removing link organizations of the photo there’s likewise a unintended profit for any individual who needs to work around that confinement and still pay for access. That is, since you don’t have to accept your record with a link organization as with HBO Go, the length of you have a US iTunes account (outsiders can get one by purchasing a prepaid iTunes card or with a US issued Visa) and access to a VPN administration, you can go anyplace on the planet – as I had the capacity confirm direct.

Supporters can have up to three concurrent HBO Now streams however as The Verge calls attention to, HBO is maintaining whatever authority is needed to change this at whatever point it picks and all of a sudden, ought to login imparting turn into an issue.

HBO Now is likewise going live for the individuals who utilize Cablevision’s Optimum Internet administration at the same $14.99 every month. Both Apple and Cablevision clients can view streams through

With Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley set to debut their new seasons on April 12, the timing for HBO Now couldn’t be better for fanatics of these shows, and at any rate the 30-day free trial ought to be an easy decision.

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OnePlus launches homegrown OxygenOS based on Android Lollipop 5.0.2

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OnePlus, makers of the One cell phone that still obliges a welcome to buy, as of late reported the dispatch of OxygenOS. This custom working framework is taking into account Android Lollipop 5.0.2 and is accessible as of composing for bold One Plus One managers.

In a blog entry reporting the ROM, OnePlus said they put things like execution and battery life over tricks and bloated highlights. All things considered, they will be mindful so as not to include emphasizes essentially for the purpose of separation. The entire thought is to keep is light and vital.

The organization portrayed the advancement handle similar to a staggeringly fun and testing background.

I utilized the term daring on the grounds that this is the first emphasis of the forked Android working framework. OnePlus said it discharged it principally so end-clients could start taking a direct part later on of OxygenOS by serving to pinpoint bugs et cetera. There’s an input application in the organization’s discussions that’ll let clients submit remarks specifically to the ROM group.

The OnePlus One caught features a year ago as a moderate yet effective handset. The organization had the capacity control supply through a restricted welcome framework that just permitted such a large number of individuals to request the telephone at any given time.

Telephones as yet have come preinstalled with CyanogenMod however after the two organizations had a dropping out before the end of last year, OnePlus turned its thoughtfulness regarding building its own ROM.

The new ROM isn’t available over-the-air just yet. Instead, OnePlus One owners will need to follow this link to reach the ROM and its installation guide.

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Bell unveils new look for Toronto Eaton Centre store

Upgraded space lets clients encounter the best of Bell

Chime has opened our overhauled leader store in the Toronto Eaton Center, one of Canada’s busiest shopping plazas. Emphasizing more than 3,800 square feet (353 sq m) of retail space on 2 stories, the improved configuration conveys a superior client experience than any time in recent memory in the recent past.

An one of a kind 18-meter line of advanced presentation screens created with Bell Media line the dividers highlighting our items and administrations. A full front room welcomes clients to unwind and experience Bell’s Fibe TV benefit on a bended Samsung 78-crawl (198 cm) 4k HD screen. The new open staircase drives customers down to our full item arrangement where they can go for the most recent cell phones, adornments and wearable.

Bell’s Eaton Center area is the most recent Bell store to experience an upgrade taking after comparative lead extends in Vancouver and at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall.

BMW just launched the first car you can buy on amazon

BMW i3

The all-electric i3 is a pivotal car for BMW. It’s the company’s first-ever regular-production electric vehicle, it inaugurated BMW’s i sub-brand and it has now become the first car that can be purchased on Amazon.

Starting this week, tech-savvy car shoppers in Japan car buy or lease a brand newBMWi3 in just a few clicks.Thei3 has its own Amazon page with a full gallery of high-res pictures, a detailed description of the car, basic technical specifications and a list of the major options such as the gasoline-powered range extended. The web page replaces the traditional brochure that is given to buyers when they visit a dealership.Buying ani3 online is a little more complicated than buying, say, a scale model of ani3, and it goes without saying that features like one-click ordering and lightning-fast drone delivery are not available. After adding the car to their shopping cart, buyers need to wait a day or two for a BMW representative to give them a call and ask them to send a number of documents including proof that they have a parking space and that they have access to a charging station.Speaking with Agence France-Presse, BMW’s Japanese division explained that it hopes selling the i3 online will enable it to reach a wider audience by targeting buyers who don’t have the time to stop by a dealership, who live far away from one or who simply think that buying a car is a hassle. Currently, just 46 of BMW’s  Japanese dealers sell i-branded vehicles.

The Munich-based automaker has not revealed if it plans on selling other models on Amazon and whether or not it will offer the i3 online in other markets in the coming months. We suspect that the future of the virtual showroom largely depends on what kind of reaction this new approach to selling cars generates from Japanese i3 buyers.

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WhatsApp: 14 secret features

Its most recent overhaul affirmed what we’ve generally suspected (yet never tried discovering) up and down, that the ticks demonstrated when your messages were conveyed, and now read.

On the flipside, this occurrence additionally uncovered how little we think about the informing administration we trade such a variety of privileged insights on. So here we endeavor to instruct you on alternate highlights covering up in the hideouts and corners of WhatsApp. You can say thanks to us later.

1) Make calls at last

Line has done it, so has Snapchat and WeChat. What are we discussing? The capacity to make free calls through the informing application which has been reputed to be in progress for a very long time. Think about what, its here at this point.

How: Make beyond any doubt you’re utilizing the most recent adaptation of WhatsApp. You ought to see another Calls tab nearby the regular Chats and Contacts. Simply send a voice call welcome to another WhatsApp client and you’ll be talking ceaselessly quickly. This highlight lives up to expectations for Android clients right now however, so you can’t be making calls through WhatsApp to an iOS client. Apologies, other people, you’ll simply need to quietly sit tight.

Additionally remember that the calls are utilizing information, so in case you’re not on Wi-Fi, you can’t go call-insane. Unless you need to hazard your rational soundness when you get your telephone bill.

2) Prevent people from accidentally reading your messages

Theoretically, messages on WhatsApp are private. But not when you leave your phone on the table, and a new message notification comes in. How many times have you unintentionally read someone’s message just because you’ve curiously looked over when their phone screen blinked to life with a new message notification? Admit it, we’ve all done it, and read something we all regretted.

How: Go to Settings, then Notifications, and disable Show Preview. Now you can gossip in peace, without anyone accidentally reading your conversations by just glancing casually at your phone when a notification comes in. Your notification will just reveal who has just messaged you without divulging any of its super secret contents.

3) Reply directly from a popup

Oh, new message! Swipe down the notification bar, tap the message and reply. Sounds simple, right? We’re tell you there’s an easier way. Cut to the chase and reply to it directly from a notification.

How: Go to Settings, Notifications, then Popup Notification, and choose from four different options. You can change this setting for both individual messages and group messages respectively. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Android. For now.

4) Begone, blue ticks of misery

Sometimes we need to glance at a message, and then take a little time to formulate a response as we carry on with the rest of our day. All that, without having the sender realise that we actually looked at said message five hours ago. But the inception of the double blue ticks took that privilege away.

Recently though, the chat app has realised the error of its ways and silently come up with a workaround. The liberty of message-mulling is ours again.

How: Users can just access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts. However, this feature is currently only available to Android users who are on the all new beta version of the app.

If you’re that desperate though, you have to download the beta and head to your Android phone’s settings, enable Unknown Sources to install the APK file as it’s not in the Google Play Store yet. There, now it’s time to iron out the kinks in your friendships that the blue ticks have caused. The rest of us will just have to wait for a future update.

5) See when your messages are read
Think the twofold blue ticks are the most exceedingly terrible thing to happen to connections since Last Seen? Reconsider. There’s another approach to cause irritate and obliterate kinships, and in a particular manner at that. More than figuring out your message has been perused, you can see the precise time your message was effectively conveyed, and the accurate time your message was perused on the off chance that you decide to stay with the ticks.

How: Go to any of your WhatsApp talks, tap and hang on any of the messages you’ve sent in that visit, took after by the Info choice. For iOS clients, you can likewise drag towards the left to uncover a window which will demonstrate the time your message was conveyed and thusly perused. Lives up to expectations for gathering messages too with the window posting the time every member read the message. Surmise you can no more escape with WhatsApp murder.

6) Tied to your number

In case you’re abroad and you get another information sim, there’s no compelling reason to enlist the new number joined to the SIM and need to reintroduce yourself to all your WhatsApp contacts when you can simply keep WhatsApping utilizing your ordinary number.

How: When you put your new SIM in and enact WhatsApp, you’ll be incited by the informing administration to enlist the new number. Anyway doing as such will foul up your contacts list. Simply overlook the pop-up or scratch off it and your WhatsApp ought to work connected to your old number, while utilizing your new information SIM.

7) Sending public messages privately

On the off chance that you’ve got a nonexclusive declaration to make, in the same way as a welcome to a weekend bbq. Furthermore, you would prefer not to do it on the windbag stage that is Facebook, this highlight meets expectations in essentially the same path as BCC-ing individuals in an email. Your beneficiaries will get the message like its a secretly created one, unbeknownst to the way that you’ve sent literally the same one to 342 other individuals. Earnestness? What’s that?

How: On the upper left hand corner of your WhatsApp Chats window, just beneath the hunt bar, you’ll recognize a Broadcast Lists. Tap on it for the choice to make another rundown of gets in touch with you need your message to go out to (like the individuals on your birthday party guest list, or your collection of mistresses of sweethearts who may not think around each other… ). Also, message away like you would ordinarily.

8) Back it up

Agonized over losing your year of messages? You don’t need to. WhatsApp knows how valuable your visit history is to you and secures it just for you in the cloud.

How: iPhone clients get the choice of support their talk history to iCloud consequently on a day by day/week after week/month to month plan. If its choice visit histories you yearning, click on the talk you need, then the client’s name lastly email discussion to yourself or whoever else.

Android clients will discover the record inside the WhatsApp organizer in their telephone. Exchanging Android telephones? Verify that document, found in WhatsApp > Databases and named msgstore.db.crypt7, is duplicated and exchanged to literally the same organizer in your new Android gadget.

9) Shortcuts to conversations

On the off chance that there are sure individuals you banter with more than the others, on a moment to moment premise, it may be a smart thought to make an alternate route for them specifically on your homescreen so you don’t need to continue opening and shutting WhatsApp just to converse with only them.

How: Tap and hang on the visit (gathering or individual) of your decision and a tab will appear. Select the Add Conversation Shortcut choice and the talk being referred to will show up as the individual’s profile photograph on your portable desktop. Lamentably this applies for Android clients and not iPhone ones. Sorry gentlemen.

10) Saving media

When you’re on a 2GB information arrange, each MB numbers. You would prefer not to be slapped with a powerful bill toward the end of the month from sending imbecilic shareable pics and screenshots of each easily overlooked detail. There’s an approach to verify that all that overwhelming obligation picture sending won’t eat up what minimal complimentary information you may have in your arrangement.

How: Go to Settings, then Chat Settings and after that Auto-Download and change the settings for how you need your got media to be downloaded. Pick Wi-Fi on the off chance that you would prefer not to over-burden your information arrangement. Then again, you can trigger downloads physically by exchanging Auto-Download to Never. You can likewise spare the bother of needing to clean up your cam roll from time to time by tweaking Save Incoming Media off.

11) Keeping group chats on the down low
As WhatsApp turns into the go-to talk application for more individuals, the probability of settling on cooperative choices gets extended too. So in case you’re continually getting added to new gathering visits loaded with outsiders (you outgoing person, you), you may need to keep certain points of interest private until those outsiders get to be companions.

How: Head to Settings, Privacy, and afterward change your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status to hold a touch of puzzle. Decide to impart them to Everyone, or just your Contacts, or Nobody by any means. Lamentably, there’s nothing you can do about concealing your telephone number.

12) Mute group chats

We’re all in at any rate a couple gathering visits at any one time, made in light of the fact that somebody (likely the gathering administrator) was exhausted. Individuals have a tendency to get exuberant in talks, particularly since WhatsApp permits bunch discussions of up to 50 members. Who hasn’t woken up to the unpleasantness of 100+ unread messages fueled by a night of weariness?

How: To keep yourself from being woken up by the steady illuminating of your cell phone screen, you can (an) either turn it down screenwards or (b) Mute the culpable gathering talk. Tap on the gathering talk of your decision, then the name to raise Group Info where you will discover the alternative to Mute the visit for eight hours to one week or a year. Then again, you can leave it out and out.

13) Staying selectively notified

Not all gathering talks are made equivalent as some are loaded with only repetitive sound. What’s more, its precisely those gathering visits you need to disregard until you get some down time to strainer through everything that has been said. On the flipside, there are the gathering talks you need to remain focused of like ones choosing supper plans for the night etc. Here’s the means by which you can stay specifically told.

How: Go to the noteworthy gathering talks, tap on the name to raise Group Info and after that Custom Notifications. There, you can choose a custom message caution for the gathering talks of your decision. All you need to recall is which ready tone you appointed to which gathering visit. This customisation is appropriate for gathering talks however.

14) Find out the truth about where your friend is

Every one of us have been a victimized person to that “In transit” lie when the individual being referred to is still in bed. To keep yourself from always getting hoodwinked once more, demand that the contact imparts his current area to you by tapping on the bolt symbol by the content box and afterward Share Location. We hear you challenge that he can at present physically enter the area he’s apparently at. Which is genuine, however there’s a method for getting around it.

How: The way the area shows up is a sign to whether he sent his current area, or whether he decided to enter the area he’s purportedly at. On the off chance that its the GPS-based area he’s at, the area offer will show up as a dropped pin, yet in the event that its an area he needed to enter, its address will show up next to the dropped pin. Don’t hesitate to get down on him about it.

First Official Apple Watch Game – RULES

‘Rules!’ Is the First Official Apple Watch Game

The Apple Watch can check your flight information, open your carport, screen your heart rate, and pay for your latte. At the same time would it be able to keep you entertained?

Amusements are the backbone of the Application Store — a year ago’s top-netting applications rundown was overwhelmed by allowed to-play diversions — yet regardless of Apple Watch appearances at two major occasions, we’ve yet to hear much at all about how gaming may consider along with the smooth gadget.

As per the sharp-peered toward nerds over at TouchArcade, then again, no less than one prevalent amusement is preparing for showtime. It’s the psyche twisting memory diversion Standards!, which got a redesign Monday morning that incorporates Apple Watch support.

In fact, Rules! will now offer a “mind workout minigame with every day objectives for Apple Watch, with leaderboards and insights on your iPhone.” It’s really a better than average fit for the watch. You needn’t bother with a huge screen to play Tenets!, and it isn’t generally intended to be played in long sessions, so you won’t have to stress over wearing out your valuable battery life.

Rules! is a somewhat of a concoction in the middle of Memory and Simon Says. Players need to break picture obstructs in a particular request, yet the multifaceted nature of the principles builds each round. At in the first place, you may be advised to break obstructs in rising numerical request, however in the following round, you’ll have to first break all creature pieces. After some time, you’ll be juggling twelve or thereabouts guidelines overseeing the request in which you have to break pieces. It’s a cortex strainer, that is without a doubt, and an inside and out strong diversion.

Will it be as captivating when its perched on your wrist? We’ll figure out when the Apple Watch touches base in April.